5 Toast Ideas

One for every weekday!
Toast CAN totally be made into a wholesome and complete breakfast. Why am I the biggest fan of toast? Let’s just say I don’t have much time to make breakfast everyday so I need something fast, easy, filling yet wholesome.
I have created 5 different types of toast ideas — one for every day of the week! Every single one of these is a complete breakfast that includes fiber, protein and fat. Having all three of these nutrients at breakfast helps you stay focused throughout your day and full until lunch (or at least until your mid-morning snack hehe).
Once you begin exploring the various combinations, you can start getting creative with it! You will notice that there are certain ingredients that you like more than others, textures that you prefer and you will soon create your own versions. Take these examples as a base and then explore your own palate!
Since there are 5 different toast ideas I decided to name them after days of the week. This does not necessarily mean you need to make them during that specific day 🙂 I just thought it would be fun to do!
Monday: Classic Avocado Toast
I always like to start my Monday with some good ole avocado toast. Did you know that avocado is considered a mood boosting food because it is rich in omega 3’s? If you’re feeling down eat some avocado toast!
1/2 an avocado
Everything but the bagel seasoning
Squirts of lemon
Sprouted whole wheat bread
Tuesday: Fruity Almond Butter Toast
I consider this to be one of my favorite combinations because it is sweet, nutty and it has all the right textures.The benefits of adding whole fruit instead of jam include more fiber, less processed sugar and higher satisfaction level. This is the new hype! Peanut butter jelly who?
100% almond butter
Sliced strawberries, bananas and blueberries
Slivered almonds
Pumkin seeds (pepitas)
Wednesday: Yogurt Toast
Yogurt on toast is a thing guys! I really love how it creates a whole different vibe to the original morning toast. Make sure you pick a rich and creamy yogurt such as Siggi’s Plant Based yogurt or Greek yogurt-like texture. You can also try mixing toast with jams or nut butters to create a very rich consistency.
Siggi’s plant-based yogurt
Sliced figs, blueberries
Sunflower seeds
Sliced almonds
Thursday: Creamy Almond Cheese Toast
Find the recipe for my 5 ingredient Vegan Cheese here.
If you try just one of these toast ideas I highly recommend it be this one. This creamy almond cheese pairs so well with toast.
This easy-to-make cheese can lasy you all week long…if you make enough of it that is 😉
I dare you to add figs on top!
Here’s an example of how I like to make my cheese toast:
Sauteed veggies such as zucchini, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and fresh herbs on top such as parsley or cilantro.
I purposely cook extra vegetables at dinner to have leftovers for this toast.
You know I had to save the best for last. Two ways to make this lovely spread:
Hummus: I recommend using homemade hummus for this one. Exclude garlic and salt. Here you can find my favorite recipe for homemade hummus.
Mix 1/2 cup hummus with 1/4 cup Pumpkin puree, 1/2-1 tsp pumpkin spice and 2 tbsp maple syrup. You will thank me later!
1/2 cup plain plant-based yogurt + 1/4 cup pumpkin puree, 1/2 tsp pumpkin spice and 2 tbsp maple syrup.
I personally prefer the hummus way but both are great!
If you make one of these options or are inspired by one of these please take a photo, post it on instagram and tag me @healthysimpleyum so I can see it!

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