Mindful  Eating

During the Holidays


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Mindful eating is such an important part of our overall health and the holidays  are not exception. Today I am sharing 5 tips to  keep you healthy during  the holiday season.  As a registered dietitian, I believe in balance, mindfulness and a good relationship with food!

TIP #1: Avoid the Scarcity Mindset The Scarcity Mindset is when you believe that certain foods are limited which leads to binging or overeating.  During the holidays it is easy to over eat because some foods are typically only made during this time of year.  Reduce the temptation to overeat these foods. Switching over to an abundance mindset — normalizing those foods — can eventually get you to a place where those foods don’t tempt you as much and will be able to eat them in moderation.

TIP #2: Use your 5 Senses Mindful eating means being present without distractions while enjoying a meal.  Tasting, touching, smelling, seeing, and even listening to your food is an important part of the eating experience.  It allows you to enjoy your food on a deeper level so that you end up feeling more satisfied with overall smaller portions.