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Vegan Enchiladas

vegan enchiladas on a mexican plate.

These authentic vegan enchiladas are savory, easy to make, and will picky-eater friendly. They are filled with a delicious shredded tofu filling that does not taste like tofu one bit. The enchilada sauce recipe was passed down from my grandma so it’s really special, simple, and authentic! Authentic Vegan Enchiladas There are so many different

Stuffed Jalapenos Air Fryer

stuffed jalapenos in a mexican plate.

These stuffed jalapeños made in the air fryer are the perfect Mexican antojito. They are spicy, flavorful, cheesy, and satisfying. These air-fried jalapeños are the perfect appetizer (aka antojito) while also being nutritious and healthy! Stuffed Jalapeños Air Fryer I love making stuffed anything so I’m stoked to share this recipe with you all! It

Vegan Chilaquiles Rojos

vegan chilaquiles on a plate with avocado.

These vegan chilaquiles are the perfect Mexican breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner. Crispy, air-fried tortillas mixed in with a savory guajillo sauce and vegan egg. They are easy to make and high in protein, fiber, and flavor! Vegan Chilaquiles If you go to Mexico, you’ll see that chilaquiles are the most popular breakfast/lunch to have.

Mexican Potatoes (Papas a la Mexicana)

mexican potato tacos on a beige plate.

Mexican Potatoes are simple but incredibly flavorful and satisfying. Super easy diced potatoes pan-fried with tomato, onion, and Serrano peppers. It’s one of those dishes that once you try once, you’ll be making again and again. Mexican Potatoes (papas a la Mexicana) I grew up eating Mexican potatoes at least once a week. They were