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Vegan Chilaquiles Rojos

vegan chilaquiles on a plate with avocado.

These vegan chilaquiles are the perfect Mexican breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner. Crispy, air-fried tortillas mixed in with a savory guajillo sauce and vegan egg. They are easy to make and high in protein, fiber, and flavor! Vegan Chilaquiles If you go to Mexico, you’ll see that chilaquiles are the most popular breakfast/lunch to have.

Mexican Potatoes (Papas a la Mexicana)

mexican potato tacos on a beige plate.

Mexican Potatoes are simple but incredibly flavorful and satisfying. Super easy diced potatoes pan-fried with tomato, onion, and Serrano peppers. It’s one of those dishes that once you try once, you’ll be making again and again. Mexican Potatoes (papas a la Mexicana) I grew up eating Mexican potatoes at least once a week. They were

Fideo Recipe (Mexican Sopa)

fideo recipe in a pot.

Fideo Recipe or Sopa de Fideo is a simple yet comforting pasta soup that is a staple in every Mexican household. It’s a super easy 6-ingredient, short angel hair-style pasta in a light and savory tomato broth.  Fideo Recipe This simple Fideo Recipe/Sopa de Fideo was every Mexican kid’s favorite meal! It is super picky-eater

Huaraches De Nopal

huaraches de nopal on a beige plate with avocado and salsa on top.

Huaraches de Nopal are a recreation of the typical Mexican “Huaraches” made from masa harina (corn flour). The nopal replaces the huarache and then it is topped off with refried beans, savory “Pollo (tofu) Asado, avocado, salsa, and cilantro. It’s flavorful, authentic, diabetes-friendly, and easy to make! Huaraches de Nopal Huaraches are similar to the

Vegan Rajas Con Crema

vegan rajas con crema

Vegan rajas con crema is a creamy dish using savory, roasted poblano peppers, onions, and garlic. It’s a true Mexican comfort recipe that is slightly spicy, creamy, healthy, and authentic. The creamy “crema” complements the flavor of the poblano peppers nicely and is perfect to stuff into a tortilla. Vegan Rajas con Crema This recipe



Enfrijoladas are corn tortillas soaked in a black bean mixture and topped with queso fresco (fresh cheese), avocado, and cilantro. This dish is authentic, very simple, delicious, and easy to make! What are Enfrijoladas? I grew up eating enfrijoladas (4 year-old Anna LOVED them) and I’m pretty sure I was eating them everyday at one