The Best Vegan Tacos

Vegan tacos can be as delicious as regular tacos if you try the right recipes! This is a round-up of my top vegan taco recipes for you to try. They are tacos that have been tried and tested by family, friends, and random strangers on the internet who say things like “These are the best tacos I’ve ever made!”. Below, you will find a list of my BEST vegan tacos with a description of each one. Click on the title to get to the full recipe. Scroll down and read each one to see which taco best fits your mood right now:

The Best Vegan Taco Recipes:

My favorite: Shredded King Oyster Taco

king oyster mushroom recipe tacos.

Make these king oyster mushroom tacos for anyone and I can almost assure you that they’ll enjoy them just as much as regular tacos. I love to use this as a meat substitute for many dishes that call for shredded meat, such as quesadillas, enchiladas, “pulled pork” sandwiches, and more. Shredded king oyster mushrooms can be a filling for so many other dishes! They are also rich in nutrients and antioxidants if you need another reason to try them!

The classic: Vegan Carne Asada

vegan carne asada tacos

The runner-up vegan taco recipe on the blog! There are so many ways to substitute beef in the world of plant-based proteins. You can choose from seitan, soy curls, and much more. However, my favorite meat replacement continues to be mushrooms! To be more specific, portobello and king oyster mushrooms. Make this recipe with seitan, soy curls, or mushrooms, you’ll be sure to love it either way. Also, here’s another one of my favorite vegan carne asada recipes by Jasmine from Sweet Simple Vegan! She makes it with soy curls so you get to learn the process of how to cook with them.

The throwback: Vegan Carnitas Tacos

jackfruit carnitas tacos on a mexican plate.

When I stopped eating meat I refused to let go of my favorite foods, and I think I’ve recreated all my favorite foods. This carnitas recipe is one of the vegan Mexican recipes that I am most proud of. These crispy jackfruit carnitas are savory, tender, versatile and so easy to make! This is one of the easiest recipes on the blog because it only requires 7 ingredients. You’ll want to make this recipe every single well for Taco Tuesday.

Vamos a Mexico: Seitan Al Pastor Tacos

seitan al pastor tacos on a mexican plate.

These Vegan al Pastor Tacos are meaty and flavorful. A homemade seitan recipe marinated in an authentic al pastor marinade made with guajillo chiles, achiote pepper, pineapple, garlic, and onion. Impress anyone with these tacos, meat-eaters, and everything in between! These tacos provide all the flavor with none of the heartburn or slump! They are satisfying and perfect for those wanting to eat less meat or go plant-based. This is also one of the best seitan recipes I’ve ever tried!

The Street Taco: Tacos de Soya


Tacos de soya, aka, textured vegetable protein (TVP) tacos are a game-changer for meat substitutes! These tacos are seasoned using a flavorful guajillo pepper sauce that compares texture and flavor profiles to tacos de carne adobada. These tacos are a great option for when you crave authentic Mexican street tacos. I will always miss getting street tacos in Mexico after a fun day with my family. Now, I can make something very similar that will bring back those memories of getting tacos in the streets of Mexico, but in my very own house!

Breakfast Tacos: 1-Pan Vegan Chorizo Potato Tacos

These savory Chorizo Potato Tacos are one of my favorite childhood meals and a staple in most Mexican homes. They are flavorful, hearty, so easy to make, and picky-eater-friendly! Save this recipe for a lazy weekday dinner or even for a weekend brunch. These tacos are sure to impress you and your entire family. This savory potato filling also makes great burritos! I have made some delicious breakfast burritos with this filling avocado and Just Egg. This recipe pairs well with my Mexican Brown Rice recipe! Give it a try for a full authentic Mexican dinner.

Bay Area Style: Vegan Quesabirria Tacos

vegan birria tacos

It is the ultimate Mexican comfort food! Quesadilla and Birria had a baby and well I don’t think I have to say much more than that. The vegan beef substitutes (yes, plural!) will blow your mind. Dip your quesabirria taco in the savory barrio broth and forget that it’s 100% plant-based. This amazing new combination originated in Tijuana, Mexico but got super popular in the Bay Area with taco trucks.

Crispy Taco Lovers: Black Bean Flautas (taquitos)

mexican black bean flautas on a plate with guacamole.

These black bean flautas are also known as taquitos. They are crispy, rolled-up tacos, filled with a delicious black bean filling. These are the perfect weekday dinner or lazy lunch as they are made with only 7 ingredients and are super easy to prep! Black bean flautas don’t have to be fried in lots of oil. In this blog post, I will share how to make them in the oven, air fryer, and on the stove. You can make them oil-free or lightly brush them with oil. The best part is that they are only made with 7 main ingredients

For the “ground beef taco” lovers: Easy Lentil Tacos

vegan lentil tacos

When my husband and I first tried these vegan lentil tacos, we were mind blown! This lentil taco meat is a great alternative to ground beef for those looking for a great Meatless Monday recipe or just trying to eat more plant-based. These tacos can be ready in 15-25 minutes with minimal dishes!

Tinga lovers: Vegan Tinga

Vegan tinga tacos

Okay so tinga is more for tostadas but I love eating it in taco form as well. I made a vegan version using jackfruit and I’m super excited to share it with you all! It used to be one of my favorite dishes because of how much flavor it has. Fun fact: the flavor comes from the seasonings, spices, chipotle peppers, and tomatoes NOT the chicken. I was so happy when I found out I could veganize it!

I hope you loved these vegan taco recipes! Follow and subscribe for more delicious + vegan recipes!

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